How much does it cost: link building in numbers

How much does it cost: link building in numbers

Skyrocket SEO company has recently released another independent study on link building.

The study involved 315 experts, among whom were representatives of search engine marketing agencies (UK legion was represented by SeoRun and HTP, a young, ambitious and successful digital marketing agency Manchester), SEOs optimizators, freelancers and owners of advancing in the network business.

Link building expenses as for 2014

The results revealed that since the previous year the results have increased significantly both in the number of companies practising link building, as well as its costs (a growth from $10,000 to $50,000 per month is reported). If in 2013, these organizations were only 11%, while in 2014 their share had risen to 37%. At the same time the percentage of companies invested more than $50,000 has risen by 9%.

In general, statistics on the expenses of the link building is as follows:

37% of companies spend on external links from $10,000 to $50,000 per month, 23% – from $5,000 to $10,000; 20% – from $1,000 to $5,000 and 20% – less than $1,000. This is about numbers. As for the percentages of link building in promotion budget distribution for, they are as follows: 40% of organizations spend 51-75% of its budget on link building, 27% of companies spend 26-50% on developing backlinks, 27% allocate 25% of the total funds on building backlinks groundwork, and 7% invest in marketing link building 76-100% budget.

According to the survey, during the last 12 months, more than 80% of companies increased their spending on external links. Among the main reasons for the increase in link building budgets respondents named the rejection of the strategy of mass purchases of cheap links, the transition to a more creative and productive models link building and increased need for expensive high-quality website links. Only 17% of companies a year have reduced their spending on link building, primarily because of sanctions fear and betting on content marketing.

Mentioned below is the list of the most effective link building tactics the companies used: placing textual materials with links to a website on third-party resources, distribution of infographics with backlinks, the method of broken links (search for broken links on the old authoritative sites, followed by a proposal to replace the broken webmaster backlinks on your own); accommodation in local business directories and placing links to ‘sources’ types of pages on the resources of relevant topics.

In the interview with the guys from HTP, digital marketing Manchester team gaining momentum at a lightning speed, the numbers were not revealed, yet the account executive confirmed the budgets are growing and the tactics mentioned were quite effective. ‘Of course, the best techniques are not the mainstream ones, but some of those mentioned definitely have a chance to live’, said HTP authorised person.