About Hydraulic pumps types

About Hydraulic pumps types

Hydraulic pumps are the most common and precise source of energy transmission. In the wake of advancement in industrial technology these devices have become even more sophisticated. The applications have increased in number. The design as well as efficiency is other important points which are related to hydraulic power transmissions. The hydraulic fluid inside the device also ensures that high levels of energy are transmitted. There are several uses of hydraulic transmissions and hence the use concept is vast. It also leads to several other applications which are being developed with the passage of time. The most common application of hydraulic pump is cranes and loaders. The power of these units is known. It is all because of hydraulic flow that is created by the device. Some forms of hydraulic pumps are as follows

  • Gear pumps

There are two main categories of gear pumps i.e. internal and external. The positive displacement that is produced by this pump is very high and powerful. The best part of these pumps is that they are easy to maintain and are very inexpensive to purchase. The wear and tear of these are also close to none and there is a very low maintenance cost included. One disadvantage of such pumps is a high level of noise that is created. However with the development of straight cut and helical spur this issue has also been eliminated completely. With large application portfolio these pumps are being developed by a number of manufacturers.

  • Gerotor pumps

It is also one of the inexpensive forms of hydraulic pumps. There are two main parts of this hydraulic pump i.e. internal and external rotor. Oil pumps in the cars are normally gerotor pumps. These are also found to work very effectively and hence their application is also ever increasing. The central rotor and the idler of the pump are sealed. This ensures that the pressures created are variable due to changing volume of fluids. All the devices which are low in pressure use gerotor pumps. These pumps are also known for the less noise they make.

  • Screw pumps

It is a fixed displacement pump and a common container is used to make sure that screws mesh. One of the screws has a driving end used to operate the pump. Fixed displacement is produced due to linear motion of fluid inside. These pumps are used in various applications and are known for their reliability. The maintenance cost is also low and therefore it is used in many appliances. These pumps make less noise due to continuous contact.

  • Bent axis pump

The bent axis pump is a combination of middle shaft and pistons around it. These pumps can be adjusted to ensure that fixed and variable displacement is created. The mobile machinery uses these types of pumps as the mobility increases their efficiency. When in motional machinery these pumps need no electrical actuators to work. The variable rotation is caused due to the amount of fluid which passes through each revolution. The displacement angle can also be changed in these pumps.